i was going through screencaps and i came across this one and i just thought, yes. because lydia’s whip-smart, and a lot of it probably comes naturally, but also because she pays attention. she learns well. which is why it’s so heartbreaking and frustrating when she can’t figure out what’s happening to her throughout season two. 

look at the way she compares to other girls her age: one is twirling her hair, and the other struggling to stay awake. lydia, on the other hand, is alert and ready to take notes. she’s focused. 

when we first met lydia, we automatically assumed she’d be the stereotypical ice princess, queen bitch, damsel-in-distress kind of girl. we don’t admit it, but we did. she does it on purpose, obviously, which is why it’s so great when we get moments like this—we’re focused on jackson’s angst, and we only get a quick glimpse of lydia, but that glance tells us everything we need to know about her: she’s not like the other girls, she’s fabulous, and she’s smart as hell.

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